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French certification

Panobloc®'s concept, manufacturing and installation process has been assessed and certified by several certifications delivered by CSTB (French reference regulator)

> ATEC No. 2/14-1636: Curtain wall application on concrete and metal structures up to the 4th family (50 m). Unique technical certification in France

> ATEC No. 1956: Structural wall application

Swiss certification

Panobloc® has received the Logo Minergie-P Module + Eco logo, indicating that the product fulfils the demanding requirements of the standard and provides an excellent level of comfort in terms of energy performance, respect for the environment, respect for human health (noise, domestic hygiene, air quality, thermal comfort) as well as the optimal preservation of the value of the building that uses it.

As part of these certifications, more than 40 tests were conducted to demonstrate the performance of the Panoblocs, including the following:

> Acoustic, environmental tests (chemo-ecotoxicological), structural, bracing, bending, etc. Fire tests: Results EI = 72 mins and E = 91mins on a bare 5-ply Panobloc® (150 mm) consisting of three mineral wool plies + 2 plies of glass wool.

> AEV tests: inspection of the sealing properties to air, water and wind. The Panobloc® walls were subjected to a wind pressure of 1200 Pa, and were validated for use in buildings up to a maximum height of 50 m.

> Testing of the assembly system: the strength of the Unibloc® patented assembly system was validated by testing.

> Testing of the gluing nodes of the wood strips: de-lamination tests validating the gluing and pressing of the Panobloc® panels.

> Shock tests: no deterioration of the Panobloc® panel after several shocks of 900 joules.

> Seismic tests: the Panobloc® panels were subjected to cyclical stresses to validate their behaviour in the event of an earthquake. The resulting authorised construction zones cover the whole of France.