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PANOBLOC®, the new generation of CLTi panel
(Cross Laminated Timber with Insulation)

It is a new generation called CLTi (Cross Laminated Timber with Insulation), a hybrid panel that takes the best of existing wood panels (timber frame and CLT). Moreover, this new product is complementary and can be combined with other building materials (concrete, metal, others wood solutions) for the construction and rehabilitation of sustainable buildings.

Panobloc@ is a cross fold panel composed of several layers of timber crossed at 90° and shifted, filled in with insulated materials totally configurable (gaps between the wooden lattices, width of insulating strips...) under an industrial process according to the expected performances (thermal fire and structural resistance, acoustics...).

Panobloc® can combine a wide range of insulation materials (wood, glass or rock wool,...) within the same panel. The customer selects its dimensions from 6 to 60 cm thick and up to 30 m2 (8,5m*3,5m in length and width).

PANOBLOC® is used in structural walls, curtain walls, floor-ceiling and roof panels and particularly suitable on concrete, metal or wood structures by mixing materials.
This industrial bio-sourced solution is ideal for sustainable construction and renovation of high-performance buildings and fulfils the needs of all types of buildings: collective housing, tertiary or industrial building.

> parallel planed wooden strips with a rectangular cross-section that are joined and arranged vertically and horizontally (alternating from one ply to the next). The crossed plies are glued together by the wooden strips, which are offset from the strips of the neighbouring ply. This offset arrangement reduces or even eliminates any thermal bridges.

> insulating sheets (thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and thermal mass) for filling the free space between the wooden strips

Thousands of possibilities

The overall strength of the panel is obtained by the structural bonding of the wooden strips where they intersect (bonding nodes). The wooden strips are bonded over their entire surface in order to ensure the best possible bond at the point where they meet. The offset (or spacing) between the strips of wood depends on the width and number of filling sheets laid out between the wooden strips, given that the width of the filler sheets ranges from 150 to 600mm.

The proportion and layout pattern of the wooden strips and insulating material are defined according to the required performance objectives and structural forces that the product will sustain when used in the building (curtain walls, external walls, external load-bearing walls and cross walls, slabs and floors, inclined roofs, flat roofs).

Consequently, the insulation sheets may be different from one ply to another in order to optimise the thermal, fire and acoustic properties in one panel, e.g. the Panobloc® 5-ply which is made up of 2 internal plies insulated with wood wool and 3 external plies insulated with rockwool.

The different plies used to make up a Panobloc® panel are glued and pressed together on a fully automated production line. As a result, thousands of combinations are possible and each Panobloc® panel manufactured by Techniwood is designed according to the client's specifications by our in-house design and engineering office.

Manufacturing specifications

Panel dimensions: customized according to demands
Maximum dimensions : size up to 8.50 m x 3.50 m (vertically or horizontally)
Thickness: 6 to 60 cm (2 to 20 plies)
Panels integrate all components (a rain and vapour barrier, carpentry, doorways, sealants, fixings...)
Finish: All types of exterior paneling suitable for the timber frame (optional)
Assembly system: the panels integrate their patented, adjustable and anti-seismic fixing system
Layout pattern of the wood in the panel: bespoke - customized
Quality and quantity of the insulating materials: bespoke - customized
Types of insulating materials available: Wide range of insulation materials (wood fiber, glass or rock wool, graphite injected polystyrene) depending on requirements

A structural lattice made up
of crossed and offset wood strips

A configurable insulating filling

Example of Panobloc walls