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The primary feature of the new Panobloc® construction system is its performance.
The offset crossed lattice concept combined with a total industrial manufacturing process means that the Panobloc® panels can attain much higher performance levels than currently available construction solutions.
Panobloc® is the only product on the market with these technical features.

Economic performance

> Shortening the construction time by up to several months
> Decrease of the total cost of the solution (wall with insulation, carpentry, siding and assembly system integrated) : removal of several components and works on site building (i.e. many buildings have to withstand more than 1 hour to the fire). For concrete and other wooden panels several plaster plates must be added but this is not required with Panobloc®
> Gain of up to 6% surface compared to other wooden solutions for actual equivalent thermal performances due to PANOBLOC®‘s exceptional mechanical, thermal and fire performance (thinner)
> Building sustainability : Guaranteed level of performance over time
> Consistently higher quality of the finished industrial wall (insulation, joinery and facing) carpentry and exteriors panelling
> Very easy and simple installation and mastered guaranteed sealing. The panels are installed by approved installers without specific building skills. High stiffness of the panel for easier handling, integrated patented assembly, sealing gasket fixed in factory...
> Fully Certified solution
> Personal safety guaranteed

Environmental performance

> Environmental certification: Minergie-P-ECO (international certification)
> Renewable natural materials: bio-sourced material, Materials Healthy (Air Quality, Glue insulation, Classe A), 100% renewable
> Negative Carbon footprint: low carbon (-16.5 kg/CO2/M2), negative carbon footprint (low carbon -16.5 kg/CO2/M2), significant carbon sinks
> Sustainable development: Entirely made in France, local wood supply, short supply chain, regional development
> Optimised management of resources: raw material optimisation, reduced wood consumption, reduced waste
> Green building sites: fewer workers and less equipment (scaffolding, etc.) required on site, limited pollution and other problems (waste, noise, pollution, parking, truck rotation, etc.)

Energy performance

> No thermal bridges:
_ Saving 20 to 30% of the thermal performance for equivalent thickness.
_ Actual value = Theoretical value (no compaction, fixed rigid insulation strips).
_ Constant performance guaranteed over time (Energy Performance Contracts)
> Highly resistant to fire: El* = 72 mins, E* = 91 mins, REI**: 45 mins
> Mechanical performance (Bracing Fv, Rk: 62 kN Compression Fc, o, Rk 73.8 kN /MI)**
> Air/Water/Wind Sealing ("AEV" 0.5 M3/h.m² pressure 900Pa*)
> Acoustic (Attenuation coefficient Rw+Ctr index Front from 35 to 55 dB, index transmission side Dn, f, w from 50 to 70 dB)
> Higher seismic performance
> *5-ply curtain wall 32RV** 7-ply load-bearing wall